CAT Coaching in Kolkata

Looking for best CAT coaching in Kolkata, but confused about which one to choose? Let us help you. In a time where every other coaching institute only boasts of ‘expert/experience faculty’ on their website, we believe in delivering what is relevant and impactful.

Our team consists of mentors from top management institutions of the country (IIM-A, IIM-B, ISB et al) who have ‘been there and done that’. And we believe in taking a personalized approach to any task, especially in matters of education. Therefore, making us the best coaching to guide an MBA aspirant through their journey.

We don’t categorize ourselves as just a ‘coaching institution’ since we offer our students guidance and mentorship that goes beyond the scope of the noisy coaching institute market.

If you are here, then it is very likely that either you or someone close to you has a dream to study in one of the best management institutes of the country. A dream we understand and value as much as you.

So let us help you fulfil this dream of yours and get you ready to join the best MBA colleges of India!

CAT Coaching in Kolkata
CAT Coaching in Kolkata

4 Reasons to Choose BellCAT as CAT Coaching Kolkata

Personalized Mentorship

Personalized Mentorship is not easy. It takes a lot more than just adding these two words on your website.
We partner with the best mentors, conduct regular follow-ups with you, have 1-1 goal setting conversations and design a growth path specially 'for' and 'with' YOU.
Our mentors 'inspire', not just 'instruct'!

Best in Class Content

Our course structure, topical explanations, practice material and mocks are very carefully curated to take you from a first-principles understanding to concept mastery level of the exams' syllabus.
A healthy mix of text based modules, video content and practice sets is put together for every topic under VARC, DILR & QA.
Top it up with 20 mocks to give you the winning edge.

Effective Strategies & Tips

Any serious aspirant focuses on strategy over mere knowledge. With BellCAT, you don't just learn DILR but improve your logical reasoning and interpretation abilities.
You don't just learn VARC topics but become better at Inference and Comprehension.
And you don't just improve your QA score but learn mathematical thinking.

Mentors from top B-Schools of India

A diverse team of dedicated mentors with a strong desire to give back. Our mentor pool has folks from the best B-Schools (management institutes) of the country.
IIM-A, B, C; FMS; XLRI; ISB; SIBM - You name it, we've got it!
They have 'been there and done that' and now wish to guide other aspirants with what they have learnt through their own journey.

Our Team for CAT Coaching Kolkata

Basu Somani

Basu is our in-house Quants guru and a master of all things numbers. He is the Head of Investor Relations at a top investment firm based out of the Netherlands. Basu is a qualified CA who did his MBA in finance and sustainability from SP Jain Institute of Management & Research. He then went on to do his second masters in Business Administration and Management from the Nyenrode Business University in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Mustafa Rasheed

Mustafa is an educator who works towards developing holistic learning programs for all ages. He is deeply committed towards improving the education landscape in India – and that is reflected in the effort he puts in towards his students’ success. He has been teaching Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for over 7 years now. He is an alumnus of the prestigious National University of Juridical Sciences.

Vedant Singhania

Vedant is a graduate of IIM – Calcutta, one of the most desired B-schools of India. He works as an associate for Bain & Co., which is a part of the Big Three consulting firms of the world. Vedant secured a percentile of 99.81 in CAT 2019 and a score of 750/800 in GMAT in the same year. During his time at IIM-C, he was the Prep-coordinator for the Placement Cell of his batch. This makes him most suited to help our aspirants with profile building!

Mridul Poddar

Mridul is an alumnus of arguably India’s best management institute – IIM Ahmedabad. He is a rank holder in CA Finals (All India Rank 27). He has been there and done that – a 99.43 %iler in CAT. Previously he has worked at a top financial consulting company of India. He is extremely passionate towards mentoring aspirants in their journey of studying management and believes that the right guidance can make or break an aspirant’s dreams of getting into the top B-schools.

CAT Coaching in Kolkata Fees

BellCAT in its mission to give quality preparation services offers the most reasonable CAT coaching fees in Kolkata. Depending on the program, you can pay the fees in multiple installments.
We do our best to ensure that financial pressure does not stop you from realizing your dream. We have maintained that we don’t function like other industry players when it comes to supporting someone’s career. This makes us the ideal
CAT coaching in Kolkata, giving you the best content, teaching and guidance at affordable prices.
All the courses/programs at our CAT training institute in Kolkata give you unlimited access to top quality online study material. We come with years of experience in helping students ace numerous entrance and coaching exams.
At our CAT exam coaching in Kolkata, you will get the complete package – from counseling, preparation material, practice tests, mocks to one-on-one mentoring sessions. These mentoring sessions are a part of our flagship
MyCaptain program, where you get personally mentored by top B-School graduates or students.

Experienced CAT Coaching in Kolkata

You may have experienced boring classrooms with zero engagement. Where the faculty goes on blabbering on a topic for the entire session, not really caring for whether all students have really understood the essence of the topic or not.

At BellCAT, this is not the case and that’s what makes it the best CAT Coaching in Kolkata.

What do we do differently?

Our faculty aren’t just recruited on the basis of how many times they have cleared CAT with a top percentile – the best players don’t always make the best coaches (take Sachin Tendulkar for example).

Each and every faculty member at our CAT coaching institute in Kolkata has to excel at one foremost criteria – Student Satisfaction from their teaching.

They make the classes extremely interactive and engaging with in-class drills, classroom group work and gamified learning.

MBA coaching Center Kolkata

Looking for the best CAT Coaching in Kolkata can be a tiring task. With so many ‘institutes’ that have mushroomed in the last few years, it gets very confusing to choose the right institute for oneself. Therefore while considering which MBA Coaching in Kolkata to join, we recommend that you look for the following offerings:

  • Small batch size & strong mentor to aspirant ratio
  • Dedicated (and real not just promised) one-on-one mentoring
  • Live classes & recorded video lectures
  • Experienced team with strong credentials
  • Detailed and innovative Course Structure & Good Content Repository

BellCAT offers you all of the above with a commitment to your growth and well being. (Yes a team that considers your mental health, motivation and other factors is as important while preparing for an exam like CAT et al)
So if you are looking for an MBA coaching center in Kolkata, look no more and attend a demo class with us. Because experiencing the deal is always better than just listening about it.

Interactive CAT Preparation in Kolkata

Our 1 year program has been designed by a team of pedagogical experts, instructional designers and experienced subject-matter faculty for MBA entrances. 

We offer a blended learning program for CAT classes in Kolkata. It consists of the following:

  • In-person/offline classes at our CAT coaching centers in Kolkata.
    Recorded videos on every topic
  • Three-stage mastery development approach
    • Learning concepts – first principles
    • Practicing concepts – drills to build speed in solving questions
    • Taking mocks – preparing for the real game
  • 5000+ practice questions to build the muscle

The aim of the program is to gradually help learners grow in their understanding of all aspects of the exam. The aspirant will be prepared with an all-rounded understanding from future opportunities, paper-pattern, syllabus, personal strategy to test-taking approach.

CAT/ MBA Coaching Reviews from Our Students

Susana Das
Susana DasExecutive preparing for CAT
Read More
BellCAT has the best mentors and team. Anand Sir's CAT coaching and guidance that has helped me immensely with my preparation
Sanjukta Kumari
Sanjukta KumariMBA Aspirant
Read More
The understanding you get from classes at BellCAT is amazing. I would recommend them to every aspirant in Kolkata to.
Rupesh K
Rupesh KStudent of BellCAT
Read More
The MyCaptain program is a boon for aspirants like me. Kaustubh Sir (my mentor) has been the biggest support in my prep journey.
Amar Singh
Amar SinghStudent of BellCAT
Read More
BellCAT is definitely the best CAT coaching in Kolkata. They offer the best materials and experienced teachers.

BellCAT is a well-known and trusted institute that has been in the business for many years and offers a range of top-notch cat classes in kolkata, from beginner classes to professional courses. Our personalized cat preparation institute in kolkata caters to beginners and professionals alike, ensuring that our students are always happy. With BellCAT, you can be sure that you’ll be in the hands of the Best MBA coaching Kolkata that suits every need.

  • BellCAT’s program includes an interactive test bank containing over 1,000 questions from previous years’ exams. 
  • Our MBA coaching Kolkata includes interactive lessons with video lectures on English language skills, mathematics, economics, etc. 
  • Students can also practice questions from previous years’ papers through its mock tests feature.
  • The cat coaching classes in kolkata are designed to teach the aspirant about how to answer essay questions on the CAT test, essay writing techniques, advanced vocabulary usage, etc.
  • This course gives you all the needed information for this challenging test. 

The most important thing about our institute for cat preparation in kolkata is that you get access to all the resources required to crack the CAT exam, including:

1) Online Test Series by MBA coaching Center Kolkata – Our cat coaching in kolkata offers a series of tests meant to help you understand how the questions will be asked during the actual CAT examination. These test series include sample papers and question banks, which allow you to practice real-life situations. We also provide a detailed analysis of each section to know what areas need improvement before taking the actual CAT exam. 

2) Mock Tests for CAT Preparation in Kolkata – Mock exams are designed so that they mimic the format of the actual CAT exam as closely as possible. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the questions that appear on the paper and gives you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses.

3) Practice Papers for CAT Tuition in Kolkata – The best part about our cat coaching in Kolkata is that we offer answers, allowing you to check if you’ve understood the concepts correctly or not.

BellCAT is a top cat coaching in kolkata. Students who opt for these courses enjoy the convenience of completing all necessary preparations in one place. BellCAT offers a wide range of course formats, including classes that last 1 hour, 2 hours and provide students with video lectures and practice questions to prepare for the exam. The CAT exam preparation course at our cat institute in kolkata provides you with an opportunity to learn from experts on cracking this test. The CAT Test Prep Courses are designed by experienced faculty members who have been teaching CAT exam preparation since their inception.

  • BellCAT is a professional cat coaching in kolkata that offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and affordable CAT coaching class designed for the needs of today’s CAT aspirants. 
  • The online MBA coaching Kolkata from BellCAT is easy to attend.
  • Students get access to unlimited genuine course materials.

BellCAT provides cat coaching in kolkata where students can access premium content, including videos, quizzes, and more. We also offer a variety of different packages depending on your needs. These classes are ideal for anyone interested in taking the CAT test and who needs help understanding the content. The advantages of taking MBA coaching from BellCAT are endless, but here are some of them:

  • You don’t have to worry about finding a tutor or spending hours studying alone – our tutors are available 24/7 via live chat, email, phone calls, etc.
  • You’ll be able to interact directly with tutors through an online platform to learn faster and more effectively than any other method out there. 
  • The mentors go the extra mile to help the students will understand the pattern of the CAT Exam.

BellCAT follows a professional MBA coaching approach and is always updated with the latest technologies.

BellCAT - MBA/ CAT Coaching Center's Classroom Pictures

Our mission is to be a leader in professional development by offering high-quality educational programs designed specifically for our industry partners. The team, tutors and staff members at our cat preparation institute in Kolkata are highly experienced professionals who have been working together for years. They all share a passion for teaching others about their craft and helping them succeed in their work environments.

CAT, or the Common Admission Test, is a highly competitive exam that has been used for the admission process to management institutes in India for many years. With an entrance cut-off at around 99%, it is considered one of the toughest exams in the country. Our cat tuition in kolkata is now available to help aspiring students prepare for this difficult test. 

The QA section of the CAT exam tests your ability to solve problems using logic and reasoning skills. It includes questions on data interpretation, probability theory, statistics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, time & distance concepts, etc. The VR section has a total of 60 minutes duration. This section comprises multiple choice type questions that require you to analyze the information given in the question paper and select the best answer from the four options provided. Connect with our institute for cat preparation in kolkata.

he CAT exam pattern and syllabus have undergone some changes since its inception. The current pattern consists of two sections: Quantitative Ability (QA) and Verbal Reasoning (VR). You can rest assured that our MBA coaching Kolkata will help you get the deepest insights about the new changes. We know all the latest tricks and tips to get you through your exams with effective and immediate success. Our teachers understand the needs of every student and work effectively.

Getting ready to take the CAT test? You’re in luck. It’s never too early to start preparing, and now is the perfect time to join the best institute for cat preparation in kolkata – BellCAT. To prepare for the CAT, it’s important to learn more about it before you take it. We’ve put together all the necessary tools that will help make sure you’re prepared when it comes time to crack the exam. It is imperative that CAT preparation is started on time. 

  • The reason is that the more time spent preparing for CAT, the higher the chances of scoring well in the examination. 
  • Students can get acquainted with important concepts, and this familiarity leads to better understanding, thereby leading to better exam performance. 
  • Another reason to join MBA coaching Kolkata early is that students can build their strengths and weaknesses and work on them before it’s too late.

Choose our MBA coaching in Kolkata

CAT stands for Common Admission Test and is a measure of one’s ability to solve numeracy and verbal questions. 

CAT exam is designed to assess your ability to analyze quantitative data as well as understand language used in business situations. Our MBA coaching Center Kolkata focuses on enhancing exactly the same in students. This test will help you determine whether or not you’ve what it takes to be successful in today’s competitive job market.

Best Coaching Institute for CAT Preparation in Kolkata

Do you want to get into the top business schools but struggle to prepare for the CAT?  BellCAT is here to solve your problem. We are one of the best institute for CAT preparation in Kolkata, providing competitive exam training for CAT. BellCAT has been helping aspirants crack their exams for many years with a proven track record of success. With our unique approach to teaching, we help candidates understand concepts better by breaking them down into easy-to-understand bits and pieces that can be easily retained throughout the preparation. Want to connect & get cracking for CAT? Call us now!

FAQ on MBA Coaching or CAT Coaching Classes Kolkata

Most frequent questions and answers

While there are several Best MBA coaching Kolkata, BellCAT stands at the forefront as it offers quality coaching at affordable rates.

BellCAT is the Best CAT Tuition in Kolkata primarily because of 4 reasons:

  • Personalized Mentoring
  • Best-in-class content
  • Effective Strategies & Tips
  • Mentors from top B-Schools of India

The journey for taking CAT and other exams can be a challenging one and taking cat tuition in kolkata is beneficial for the aspirants to score well. Joining a CAT coaching in Kolkata, like BellCAT will provide proper structure, resources and guidance needed to crack the exam.

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