10 Reasons You Should Give Mock Tests — CAT Preparation

It’s all right if you have doubts about taking the Mock Tests for the CAT. This article will help you clarify your doubts about this dilemma.

The slots to take the CAT exam are limited, and doing well is crucial to the admission process for an MBA program in India. As a result, students must appear for mock tests to become familiar with the actual exam environment for CAT.

If you’re still weighing the pros and cons of taking the Mock tests for CAT.

Here are 10 reasons you should integrate Mock tests into your preparation strategy AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

1. Familiarity with Exam Pattern

The CAT typically consists of three sections: Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, and Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. It might seem easy at first to just go over the pattern visually. But it goes without saying that it’s easier said than done.

Therefore, giving frequent mock tests helps you get familiar with the exam patterns in the CAT exam like it’s your second nature.

2. Self-Analysis

Doing well in your CAT exam is essential for getting into a top-notch Business School. As a result, Students must prepare well and, accordingly, appear for Mock tests for the CAT exam.

Mock tests for the CAT allow you to review the areas you’ve prepared for and analyze how well you’re doing in each area.

3. Time Management

Time is crucial for any aspect of our life. Consequently, it stays the same for this exam. The total time allotted for the CAT exam is 2 hours. These 2 hours are 120 minutes, that is, 40 minutes for each of the three sections: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Aptitude.

Please remember that while you are working on a particular section, you are not allowed to move between sections.

As a result, it is important to manage time to complete all of the questions given in these sections in the allotted time. Studies of students who score 99.9% have shown that students who appear for frequent Mock tests throughout their preparation journey significantly do better than students who don’t appear for Mock tests.

4. Question Patterns

CAT is an exam that covers various topics in all of its sections. Often, it can get pretty overwhelming to prepare for every topic. So, understanding and analyzing repeated question patterns will help you reduce the preparation load. This will also help you focus on key areas to prepare for if you are short on time. Appearing for mock tests for CAT will help you become familiar with the question patterns and cut back on preparation time.

5. Testing Preparation Strategy

You have already been preparing for the CAT exam for months now. However, if you are unsure how you will do in the actual test, you can clearly understand that you have loopholes in your preparation. These loopholes can be filled in your prep by appearing for Mock Tests. CAT coaching in Kolkata can also help you immensely with your preparation strategy.

6. Weak Areas

Taking Mock Tests will let you know your weak areas of preparation. This will help you go over the concepts you don’t have a strong grasp of while learning. If you plan to fix your weak areas, then our My Captain programs will greatly help you.

7. Strengths

Mock Tests help you identify your strong areas and well-grasped concepts. So, knowing your strengths will give you the time to focus on your weaker areas and modify your preparation strategy accordingly.

8. Spaced-Repetition

Spaced Repetition has been shown to decrease the forgetting curve after you have learned something. Taking Mock Tests helps in executing this fool-proof study technique as it helps you recall concepts that you have studied over a period of time frequently. That’s why We encourage you to take Mock Tests!

9. Aids Test Anxiety

Let’s be honest and admit that no matter how well-prepared we are, we get those exam jitters before D-Day. Therefore, appearing for mock tests will help you in numerous ways, as listed above, and ease your mind off of test anxiety. When taken in a real exam-like environment, mock tests prepare you for the real test and help you get comfortable in such a high-pressure situation. As a result, you’ll do well in your CAT exam and avoid getting overwhelmed on D-Day. You can contact BellCAT to prepare for the CAT exam or check out our About Us page for more information about BellCAT’s team and teachers.

10. Refining Preparation Strategy

There are certain topics we just look over during our main preparation stage, thinking that we would study them exclusively right before the exam. However, this tactic is more heinous than not studying those topics. Why?

Here’s why: when you go back to study new topics you skipped over earlier, you forget or lack time to revise the topics you previously learned.

So, mock tests help you study and review these unlearnt concepts while revising the topics you have already prepared for. We really are shooting a bird with two stones here while cutting back on precious time. You can also contact our team to learn more about the latest strategies or a free demo class on CAT 2024.


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