How To Prepare For IIM Entrance Exam

Do you know how to prepare for IIM? Probable that every MBA aspirant in India desires to get admission into IIM. CAT or the Common Admission Test is the only way students can get admission into any IIMs. Most of the time, students leave the preparation process because they discontinue the preparation for IIM due to the misconception of the exam being tough. But in real life, the CAT is simply just another exam. The iim preparation is not very tough if you know the tips and tricks from a professional and experienced mentor. Leading institutes like BellCAT always give practical and genuine suggestions to students and let them know in precise how to prepare for iim entrance exam. 98 out of 100 students get a good percentile if the IIM preparation is done properly.

Make A Study Plan For The Preparation For IIm

Want to know how to prepare for iim? For iim preparation, a minimum of 2 hours of study is necessary despite the student being a professional or a fresh graduate. Being a professional, it might be a tough job for you to handle between exam studies and work. But it is definitely not impossible. The fresh graduate or not started to work should consider themselves fortunate in terms of their timespan for iim preparation. Such candidates shall give at least three to four hours daily. The grasping ability of the student is a major deciding factor to crack CAT. Shortly you need to create a timetable and stick to it for iim preparation. It is equally important to be aware of the exam pattern because it helps develop a proper strategy to crack the Common Admission Test. It is good to allocate equal time in all the exam sections because sectional cut-offs apply for getting a call from IIMs. You should give equal focus on your weaker sections and your strengths. Try to practice every topic under each section and do not forget to include them in the timetable.

Preparation For IIM Includes Polishing The Basics Of Each Sections Of The Exam

Do you know how to prepare for IIM entrance exam? Then start with devoting the first months to preparation for iim to get your basic rights. At BellCAT, we will start working on the mathematics, vocabulary, or any other sections you are not confident about. Make a target to learn five new words and attempt five new problems daily for iim preparation. It is mandatory to have the fundamentals in place, or you will be bound to score poorly in mock test papers. Normally the engineering students are acquainted with this kind of study. But they need to study hard on the language skills that include logical reasoning and verbal ability during preparation for iim.

Attempt CAT Mocks For IIM Preparation

If you are eager to know how to prepare for IIM, this is the point that you can expect from our mentors to mention at the very beginning. This is important to consider, especially to crack CAT and get admission opportunities into any of the IIMs. While learning how to prepare for iim entrance exam, taking a sectional test daily or a mock test thoroughly will make you solve similar problems easily. Solving sample test papers is considered to be the best way for preparation for IIM and cracking it in one go. You will get a good idea about the variety of questions that may appear on your test papers. Try to take the mock tests every week in the initial weeks of your studies. On a daily basis, try to increase the attempts. This will make you practice at least one mock test every two days. Two days must be utilized to solve the mock test and analyze the mock test. You should make a target of solving 25 to 30 mock tests before appearing for the actual CAT exam. A cat coaching center in Kolkata can also help you with CAT mocks.

For IIM Preparation, Evaluate Your Performance In The Mock Tests

How to prepare for IIM preparation entrance exam timely? After appearing for multiple question papers and mock test papers, you will be able to identify your weaknesses and strengths. Try to focus on the weaknesses and convert them into your strengths. This is usually expected after giving a practice test or a sectional test. For evaluating the performance, make sure to see your mock tests and see whether you are improving on them or not. If you see that the scores are inconsistent, ask yourself what is causing you to stumble frequently, identify the specific type of problem, and keep practicing it.

How To Prepare For IIM? Read A Lot

You may find VARC and RC to be a very problematic section if you do not regularly read on a regular basis. If you do not read regularly, you will not catch the proper speed during IIM preparation. One of the best ways to improve is to start reading. Start with newspapers, famous books, or any other trending thing. This is a must while facing GDs, and personal interviews for IIMs. Keep well-versed with any of the current affairs, be it international, national, or regional. It will help gain knowledge and develop on the viewpoint of various issues.

How To Prepare For IIM Entrance Exam? Build Your Profile Sincerely

While understanding how to prepare for iim entrance exam, candidates often forget to build a good profile for IIMs. Professionals who are working have an advantage while building their profile. Those who are new graduates and are not working shall start working at an NGO or opt for an internship at a good company to enhance their profile. It plays an essential role in IIMs. Different IIMS give different weightage to profiles. In case you have a strong profile to support this position, you will have an increased chance of getting admission to an IIM. Therefore if you have not started working on it, start your IIM preparation now.

 Want To Know How To Prepare For Iim Entrance Exam? Maintain Your Composure

While knowing how to prepare for IIM, you must be well aware of your performance on the real day of the exam. Normally, students panic during the entrance exam and sometimes go blank. In such a scenario, try to solve questions that you are sure of, have practiced during your preparation for iim, and leave the tough questions.


All the strategies mentioned earlier are helpful for you to prepare for IIM. These are simple but effective steps to understand how to prepare for iim entrance exam and crack it. Remember that the IIM preparation might seem tough, but in reality, it is not.

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