The Best Study Material For CAT Preparation

Wondering what is the best study material for cat that will be of 100% help to you? Then look no further as your quest for the best cat preparation material ends here. You will be told about the books that will guide you in the times of CAT preparation and will give you a compact idea about the question papers. So, waste no more time focusing on cat studying with these books and ims cat study material.

What Are The Best Material For CAT Preparation?


  • How To Prepare For Logical Reasoning For CAT Book By Arun Sharma

If you struggle with logical reasoning or want to strengthen it further, read this book as it will help you quite well in this section. Each section has solved examples for better understanding and practice exercises, making it the best material for cat preparation.

  • How To Prepare For Data Interpretation For CAT Book By Arun Sharma

The book excels in data interpretation and data sufficiency. The chapters are broadly emphasized and explained. You can also solve the previous years’ question papers, model, and sample test papers given in the book.


  • A Modern Approach To Logical Reasoning By R.S. Agarwal

A book that guides you besides all the cat time material in basic reasoning problems and is simple to understand for any candidate. The book is segmented into logic, statements, inference and arguments, logical puzzles, assumptions, conclusions, etc.


  • Data Interpretation By Nishit Sinha

This book benefits students preparing for CAT and other MBA entrance exams simultaneously. You can sharpen your skills for Data Interpretation with the help of this book and have adequate practice.

  • How To Prepare For Verbal Ability And Reading Comprehension For The CAT By Arun Sharma And Meenakshi Upadhyay

Brush up your verbal and reading comprehension skills with this book. You can ace this section as this particular book covers reading comprehension, verbal ability, and verbal reasoning. It also has sufficient practice and mock papers for conducting self-assessments.


  • Verbal Ability And Reading Comprehension For The CAT By Nishit Sinha

Get this book for its exhaustive verbal ability resources, numerous tests, and integral problem-solving techniques and approaches. It is a great book to help you tackle intense verbal ability problems.


  • High School Grammar And Composition By Wren And Martin

A handbook for understanding and practicing basic and integrated grammar, this book has been trusted blindly for any exam where you have a substantial amount of grammar questions. You can simply get this book to study the explanations and solve the follow-up exercises to improve your grammar skills.


  • Online Mock Tests

Since the internet gives you easy access to cat materials, you can get hold of them from the online links (steps have been mentioned below). Besides, you can even look up the various websites that help you prepare for your MBA entrance exams. On visiting the websites, you can take the free or the paid online tests and get the results. Download the score sheet and the answer key to know where you went wrong.


What To Study For CAT Exam?


Once you have these times cat material in your possession, you must know what to study for cat exam. Focus on the following sections to study for cat:

  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Current affairs
  • Logical reasoning
  • Mathematics and every other section that is mentioned in the time cat materials


What Should Be Your CAT Study Plan?


These cat study materials will assist you in grasping the main concepts of the syllabus and teach you how to tackle the different types of questions. However, you need to be organized when you are studying for the CAT. This will help you feel confident, manage your time well, answer wisely and avoid marking the wrong answers. Choose your cat material from the top brands and make your plan of CAT preparation with a proper timetable. It is best to study in a calm environment where no one will disturb you.


How To CAT Material Download?


There is numerous and top-quality study material for cat available on the internet, and you can easily download them with these steps.


  • Type ‘cat study materials’ in the search space
  • Several options for cat exam material will pop up
  • Choose the mba preparation material that is on the first and the second pages
  • Click on the blue link, and it will lead you to the time cat material page or others
  • You can copy and paste all the pages or click on the ‘download’ option (if any)


The internet is a treasure house of cat exam study material where mock test papers, previous question papers, solved and unsolved papers are widely available to help MBA aspirants. You can look for those too in a similar way.


CAT Study Material Time


The cat study material time is important, and you must use it wisely. The same can be said when it is the question of time study material for cat 2020. Keeping all your ims study material for cat handy right at the beginning means that you will have enough time for preparation and need not waste any time looking for study materials right before the exam. So, take the help of the book list above and start your cat study today.


Quick Tips To Study From The Time CAT Material


  • Make short notes when attending a cat coaching class in Kolkata or watching a video on CAT preparation.
  • Solve the practice papers and check where you have gone wrong and which sections require more focus.
  • Use highlighter pens, page markers, and other stationery to make your preparation more interesting.
  • Study cat, but do not forget to refresh your mind. Doing this will help you to study better from the study materials.
  • Avoid buying too many books at one go as it will create an unnecessary burden on you and you will feel worried.


The best cat study material is widely available in bookstores and online stores. You can purchase them when you want them and start your CAT preparation.

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