Top 10 MBA Colleges in India and their Admission Process

There are numerous colleges/universities in India that offer world-class MBA programs. However, the admission process for each of them gets a bit complicated. It is important to know about the various colleges and their admission process before one begins their preparation for the respective entrance examinations.

We all know that the world is rapidly evolving and the business sector boldly rivalling its pace, which means to make a mark in this field, one needs to upgrade their skill set and stand out from the rest. Right from a science student to an arts graduate, MBA college is the next stop for many, leading to a threefold rise in the competition.

On average, most B-schools have an intake capacity ranging from 200-500 seats, while the applications churn in by lakhs. Though the academic contents of a business school don’t vary much, experts are of the idea that where you pursue your MBA from is as important as pursuing the degree itself. In such a scenario, it is of utmost importance to be up-to-date about the top MBA colleges in India and how to secure admission to them. To make this process easier for you, we have just the right information compiled in this blog. 


Top 10 MBA Colleges in India 

To begin with, India offers two types of degrees at the postgraduate level in management:

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA) at university-affiliated institutions 
  2. Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) or Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) at autonomous institutions 

At most places, you can pursue these courses in six different modes: full-time for two years, online, distance, executive, one year only, or integrated. For further details, you can check the websites of respective institutions linked below. 


Top 10 Management Institutions in India

Ranking* College Programme Entrance Exams Approx. Fees (INR)
1. IIM, Ahmedabad Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) CAT, GMAT 23,00,000
2. IIM, Banglore Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) Leading to MBA Degree CAT, GMAT 23,20,000
3. IIM, Calcutta Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) CAT, GMAT 22,60,000
4. IIM, Kozhikode Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) CAT, GMAT 19,00,000
5. IIT, Delhi Masters in Business Administration (MBA) CAT 8,80,000
6. IIM, Indore Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) CAT, GMAT 16,50,000
7. IIM, Lucknow Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) CAT, GMAT 19,25,000
8. XLRI, Jamshedpu Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDM – BM) XAT, GMAT 23,60,000
9. IIT, Kharagpur Masters in Business Administration (MBA) CAT, GMAT 6,72,000
10. IIT, Bombay Master of Management Programme CAT 8,30,000

*According to NIRF MBA College Ranking 2021


The Admission Procedure

The admission process to these distinguished institutions can be broken down into the following four easy steps:

1. Registration

Well duh. It’s a given! Every student must register and submit their applications via the official CAT website or the respective institutions’ website, as applicable. The two most important things at this stage are;

    1. to register before the last date and,
    2. double-check the acceptable exam scores (CAT/XAT/GMAT/etc.)
2. Examination

Arguably the toughest of the four steps, but also the one that ensures a halfway ticket to your dream B-School. Additionally, it is the step that we specialize in; the dedicated faculty at BellCAT is all set to offer you the best quality education and guidance as you prepare for success.

Please note: All IIM’s accept CAT scores for admission purposes, most of them also accept GMAT/GRE, and certain private institutions conduct their own entrance exam such as XAT for Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur.  

3. Shortlist

Once you are shortlisted, you will receive an email with the details for the next round of selection – Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI). Owing to the pandemic, traditional admission processes have taken a backseat, and institutions have adapted to virtual procedures. Nonetheless, the competition remains intact, and we’d suggest not to take this crucial step lightly.

4. Final Selection

Phew, now you are just a final step away. Once you have appeared for the final rounds of selection, your job here is done. All you need to do is wait for the final merit list, usually declared in April or May. We most likely misspoke earlier because anticipating the final merit list has to be the toughest step of the entire admission process!

All of this seems a bit too intimidating, doesn’t it? Naturally, for institutions as prestigious as these, one might auto-assume the bar for admission to be the toughest and elite only. While it stands true to a certain extent, it is also a fact that students from diverse academic backgrounds, despite an 80-90 percentile in the CAT exam, have managed to secure their seats. We’d recommend you to have faith in yourself and always carry it with confidence. And as far as exam preparations are concerned, we are just a bell away! Right from Practice Quizzes, Free Resources to Unlimited Doubt Clearance, let us be your guide.

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